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Available Monday, May 1st @ CafΓ© La Fortuna and The Fruit Stores (Hinsdale + Western Springs)

Cold-pressed and De-stressed

Kale Mary

kale + spinach + apple + celery + cucumber + ginger + lemon

πŸ‹ Function: Powerhouse immune boosting, energizing, rich with detoxifying antioxidants.

πŸ‹ Flavor profile: earthy greens

Skinny Jeans

carrot + ginger + apple + pear + lemon + turmeric

πŸ‹ Function: immune boosting, inflammation reducing, detoxifying, improves digestion, promotes healthy eyes, skin + hair

πŸ‹ Flavor profile: sweet and smooth

Pineapple Bottom Jeans

pineapple + orange + lemon + ginger + organic chia seed

πŸ‹ Function:

πŸ‹ Flavor profile:

You Glow

celery + apple + cucumber + ginger + lime

πŸ‹ Function: Increases hydration, reduces bloating, eliminates water retention, boosts digestion.

πŸ‹ Flavor profile: fresh and citrusy

Moving Right Along

beet + pineapple + pear + apple + ginger

πŸ‹ Function: supports digestion, increased blood flow, immune boosting, anti inflammatory, stamina enhancing, reduced blood pressure, vision health.

πŸ‹ Flavor profile: β€œTastes just like candy,” said one customer. Say no more.

Because I Said So

watermelon + pineapple + apple + lemon

πŸ‹ Function: vitamin C supports immune health, antioxidants, anti inflammatory, aids digestion.

πŸ‹ Flavor profile: sweet and fruity: kid friendly (and mixes well with tequila for the adults!)

Just Celery

celery + celery + more celery.

πŸ‹ Function: clears skin, packed with antioxidants, reduces inflammation, supports digestion, stabilizes mood, supports bone health.

πŸ‹ Flavor Profile: well, tastes like celery!

Wellness Shots

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

ginger + coconut water + lemon + cayenne

(2 oz immune boosting shot)

πŸ‹ Function: powerful punch of immune boosting magic

πŸ‹ Flavor profile: tangy and zesty

Shot Caller

turmeric + coconut water + lemon + black pepper

(2 oz energizing shot)

πŸ‹ Function: anti inflammatory, antioxidant, energy enhancing shot of goldΒ 

πŸ‹ Tasting notes: spicy and earthy


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