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I was never a “juice” guy. But, I was sick and tired of feeling…well…sick and tired. So, I thought I would give LoMo a shot (pun intended). To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. All of the juices taste delish, even the green ones which I was sort of dreading. Kale Mary is actually the bomb. It’s been about 2 months now, and I am addicted. I have more energy, feel lighter and my mind is clearer. I definitely give LoMo 2 very enthusiastic 👍👍’s up. Highly recommend. #LoMoFoSho

Rick Schroeder
Personal injury attorney in Chicago

It’s always a good day when I wake up and have LoMo freshly pressed juices in my fridge. They are incredibly delicious, get me started on the right track for a healthy day ahead and help me crush my vegetable intake. After consuming, I feel energized, hydrated, nourished and unswollen. They have become part of my daily routine and are an integral component to achieving my health and wellness goals.

Whitney Holinka
Director of Operations

As a working mom of 3, my nutrition is so important to me in order to keep my energy going …sadly, that’s not so easy in today’s world! However, LoMo makes it so simple to start my morning off right, or grab a nutrient packed mid day pick me up. One bottle of any of their juices and I have more energy than when I have a few cups of coffee. You can taste the difference in these juices; FRESH! I love that my kids really love the juices, too! Thank you LoMo, for helping put ME first!!!

Briana Brandt Murray
Real Estate broker; certified staging consultant

It's the LoMo juice colors for me! The vibrant, bright colors are equally healthy and delicious. I feel so happy when I drink my LoMo juice.

Chaidan Leshinski
Adjunct professor

Worth every penny! You can taste the difference with LoMo. I start every morning with their ginger wellness shot and a Kale Mary. Fresh, smooth and delicious!

Melanie Castellaños
Professional nanny

LoMo is my favorite not so guilty pleasure! All of their juices give me more energy than even the strongest cup of coffee!

Aymsley Upp
senior enterprise Account executive


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